Sunday, July 4, 2010

Genetics: Unicorns Explained! “Bioperversity!”

[Dr. G.H. Lively leads several students to a private enclosure]

GH: I'm telling you, THiS is where they come from.
Hot Student 1: One question...?
GH: I'll allow one.
Slightly Hotter Latino-ish Student 2: How do you know it's a boy 'horse' and a girl 'rhino' that gives the right match?
GH: And not a girl 'horse' and a boy 'rhino'? That's a good question; but I always assumed that the rhino would crush the horse when it was mounted, or at least shatter it's pelvis with its thrusting... if not its ejaculation.
[They watch the animals enter the enclosure.]

Student Who-Might-Be-Hot-If-She-Did-Something-With-Her-Hair 3: And if this doesn't work?
GH: That's crazy-talk! But, if it comes to that I've made sure to pair the pony with a less aggressive female rhino...
Hot Student 1: Less aggressive?
GH: Yeah, sometimes rhinos freak out when another animal tries to mount them... it's a shame. Well, they f**k or they fight- either way we get a show.

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