Thursday, July 15, 2010

Diagnosis: Submerged!

Chris: I told you this was a bad idea; just because you have the money to do something doesn't mean that you SHOULD do it.

[they look off shore, a titanic wooden vessel was almost completely submerged]

Chris: But, here's something, you successfully killed 2 of every creature in the world!
Dr. GH Lively: Except fish... and aquatic mammals.
Chris: Well, I'm sure the ark crushed something under there.
GH: Hey! They're not all dead!

[He points to the the hull where some animals were scurrying back and forth.]

Chris: Do you want to take the life-boat over to help them?
GH: This boat barely fits the 2 of us! You really think we have room for that gorilla?!

[the gorilla was pounding it's knuckles on the boat, roaring.]

Chris: Probably not. No, probably not.
GH: Plus, I’m a doctor, d*mmit, not a vet! [Looks at his watch] Ah, cr*p, I should probably be at the hospital. Actually, let’s row over there and see if we can get one of the bunnies.
Chris: To bring to the children’s ward?
GH: Please, call it by its technical name! The Single Mother Buffett. And yes.


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  2. This is ridiculous! Everyone knows that doctors cannot cross running water! Otherwise very factual. Nice!