Saturday, June 12, 2010

Diagnosis: Sexy

Diagnosis: Sexy
Featuring Dr. G.H. Lively, the first doctor legally prohibited from saying “Lively by name, Lively by nature”.
And some other doctors as unwitting comic foils!
And featuring nurses in non-regulation nurses uniforms!

GH: Hey, Nurse, let’s ratchet up a few notches on my bed-post, eh?
Nurse: ...
GH: Nurse? Ratchet? Something flying over or into your cuckoos nest? Fine, do you have the chart for that really ugly patient in bed 25? I’m supposed to prescribe something, or discharge her or something, I dunno, I’m goin’ to lunch.
Nurse: It’s only 11am?
GH: Fine, I’ll check out some patients. [hands nurse a stack of charts] Here, sort out the ugos and give me the rest.

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