Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fatal Analysis

GH Lively: As surprising as it may sound, there's nothing more that I can do. She’s gone. Get her to the coroner, let’s see what he has to say.


Hans Von Koroner: I dunno, I’d say she’s a 6 or, if I was generous, I’d say 7.
GH: Generous? Look at her cheekbones? She’s got great features...
HVK: Cheekbones?! More like the bones from whatever animal she was devouring when she croaked.
GH: That’s a little harsh.
HVK: Look, why are you even down here? If you want a go of this girl before I put her in the freezer you’ve come to the wrong place. I run a tight ship, and regardless of how these girls lived their lives they stay tight after they’ve passed away too.
GH: Ugh, jesus! I've got patients to check on.
HVK: And the hot ones to check out?
GH: The hot ones don’t check out until after I’ve seen them.
HVK: ‘Check out’ as in leave...? Or ‘check out’ as in ‘my job’? [points to examination table]

[GH leaves]

HVK: Huh, guess I’ll find out soon enough! [turns to corpse] right, I’ll file you with the rest of the sevens. [begins moving the gurney towards a wall labelled “cold hotties”.]

[end scene]

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